Membership Inquiry

Thinking about joining the Rotary Club of the Villages?

We want to help you to feel comfortable from the very moment you join up!  We start with our morning coffee and breakfast among friends! 

Your membershp with us is not just important because of the ideas and productivity you might add to our team as we contribute to our community and the world!  (See information by opening other site tabs!) We also believe that what you receive, enjoy and gain from your membership is important to all of us.  

When you initially join,
you will be given a Red Badge with your name and classification. (Your profession or special knowledge/training) This red badge identifies you as a new member so we can help you complete your orientation into the Rotary Club of The Villages.

Completing this checklist gives you a better understanding of our club and all that we can do together. These items are in no specific order and should be easily completed within 6 months of your induction. Your sponsor or assigned mentor will be there to support you and will present you with your permanent blue badge when this list has been completed and signed by your sponsor.  Once completed, please give it to the Club Secretary.

                  Required Tasks                                                                     Date of Completion

                  Complete at least four activities from the list below: 

  • Attend a Board meeting to observe the internal club operations.    ______________________
  • Sit with a different group at each meeting while in the Red Badge Program or attend zoom meetings. _____ 
  • Serve as Door Greeter (2 times)         _____________________
  • Assist the Sgt of Arms when collecting Happy Dollars   _____________________
  • Actively Serve on at least one Club Committee   _____________________
  • Invite a guest to Rotary    _____________________
  • Participate in a Club Service Project     _____________________
  • Attend a meeting of another Rotary Club   _____________________ 

 You are now eligible to wear the blue badge.

Ready to Join Us???
Submit the below information to our Membership Chair and you will be contacted!
See you at Breakfast!